.a7mag : an accessible, printable miniature magazine in a series. the fundamental is ease of distribution and availability. 


.man.an.elaborator : a character named man explores critique as an art-form. is it not just a form of collaboration? 

.the.realityspectrum : language as the structure for sonic and visual material.

.log : part of the more meta area of this place. as close to an honest account of the manufacture here.

.hotvom : currently offline; home-made social network populated by the artist. we explore the framework of social media as a medium for creation.

.sim : this is a text-based simlution with permadeath.  

.info{ our catch-all for reference has subdivisions:

.glossary : here we attempt to explain some of the elements throughout this entity. with it's growth some lore can develop.

.notes : mostly for reference and to add utility to the site's search; potential todo list.

.docs : an intersection for art and documents. to emphasise the ubiquity of office culture and it's influence on the 'art-world'.

.manifesto : artist's statement. currently computer-generated.

.links : for reference, useful links organised.