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I've enjoyed the switch from Courier New to IBM Plex Mono. Lessening html embeds and embracing plain text and docs.

Procedural sound generation - but by what procedure: Movement, number of participants, weather? 

070724_ Room-dub to tape excursions successful. Day capture and Netsurf options available.  * We'll consider these 'short' form. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/craigchilds/070724

In addition to this log you can also get updates via the secretive Gemini protocol [some kind of text-only internet]: gemini://gemlog.blue/users/man/ -- which is insane of course.

The internet isnt a group of people  

Also 24hr "stream" for Human Radio in operation. 

Included section for written work cataloging. 

060724_ We're abandoning the 'collective log'; the rss feed fetching is unreliable. Plus the reliance on javascript is low-key-hacker. We're moving to full plain-text plain-tech updates.

4Pm_ Trialing webcam cassette tapes - webcam encoded at intervals to sstv signal, processed and recorded. Question to stream or tape? * snapshots on tape.

Now: then.

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