welcome2country - an 'aped' opera as in repeated poorly. the story and message will deteriorate with each generation. 

Referencing indigenious history, this project aims to portray the bridges between cultures and how rituals translate. The loss pssed through generation and the uptake of new-reference*. 

We explore how time changes memory; or how trend alters myth.

Currently the process relies on words repeated and mouthed phonetically then imphonetically( or anti-phonetically). The imagery and dance mimic simplistically the movement and images of past rituals that will, within the lifespan of it's dance, degrade and alter.

*new-reference refers to the adoption of old or out-of-touch practices that were, in their time, adaptations of old or out-of-touch practices. 

_//\/\/\ /\/\ explores cultural transmission through the lens of degradation and alteration of rituals, the adoption of outdated practices, and the impact of technology on communication.

welcome2country" examines how rituals are passed down through generations and how their original meaning and form can change over time. It highlights that with each generation, the story and message behind these rituals may deteriorate. The project uses phonetic and non-phonetic repetition of words, simplistic mimicry of movements, and imagery to illustrate how rituals can degrade and transform within a short period.

Concept Overview: "welcome2country" is a performance art piece designed as an 'aped' opera, where the essence of opera — a dramatic work combining text (libretto) and musical score — is intentionally mimicked and repeated poorly. The performance aims to depict the gradual degradation of stories and rituals as they are passed down through generations, with a focus on Indigenous history and the transmission of cultural practices.

Themes and Objectives:

Artistic Approach:

Structure of the Performance: