single-use explores our love/hate relationship with plastic.

Have we created plastic to survive on earth?

Is it liberation or suffocation?

This thought-provoking series invites you to unravel the intricate relationship between these transient vessels and the timeless materials from which they originate.

Within the artworks, the transient nature of plastic bags is juxtaposed against their everlasting existence. Created from ancient fossil fuels, these humble carriers become immortal remnants of the past, perpetually bound to our world. Yet, their inability to seamlessly rejoin the earth's cycle poses a haunting question—can their eternal lifespan be defied through recycling, or are they fated to endure indefinitely?

Through a masterful fusion of various artistic mediums, "Eternal Remnants" explores the delicate interplay between the past and the present, the organic and the synthetic. Plastic, a material born from ancient resources, takes center stage, while organic elements such as paint, wood, and others accentuate the futile attempt to replicate its unique properties.

The exhibition invites contemplation of the profound contradictions inherent in plastic's existence. Its practical functionality is juxtaposed against its environmental impact, creating an arresting visual dialogue. The artworks capture the essence of plastic's alluring forms, their mesmerizing beauty hinting at the destructive consequences of our disposable culture.

As viewers bear witness to these captivating artworks, they are prompted to question their own relationship with plastic and the earth. Can we break free from the cycle of consumption and find sustainable alternatives? Can we transform the eternal remnants into vessels of rebirth, returning them to the earth from which they were derived?

"Eternal Remnants" invites you to immerse yourself in a world where the ephemeral and the everlasting converge. Traverse the delicate line between creation and destruction, as you confront the eternal existence of plastic and the urgent need for change. Discover the profound beauty within these enduring fragments and ponder the possibilities of forging a more sustainable future.