sides explores sides and what it means to take a side. 


Two sides with participants divided physically. Each takes a turn repeating an on-screen word or phrase aloud and at the opposing side. 

A side may or may not have the ability to hear the other side.

The audience can see the pair's message - accidental, offensive or unifying - as a third-party with the third perspective; although the 'truth' of each side's viewpoint may be lost by the interference of the other.


"Sides" is an interactive performance art piece that delves into the complexities of taking sides and the implications of our divisions. Participants are physically divided into two groups, each representing a side. Through a series of structured interactions, they explore the nature of communication, perception, and misunderstanding.




Audience Engagement

Themes to Explore

By physically and verbally dividing participants and manipulating their ability to hear and understand each other, the performance piece uncovers the complexities of communication, perception, and unity. The audience's role as a third-party observer provides a critical perspective on the interplay between sides, challenging them to reflect on their own biases and the nature of truth.