Added a todo list and a pastebin. Not for public.

BOARD, to read messages; SUBS for submissions.

We introduce the elaborator. 

Not a critique; we only elaborate. If the elaboration is negative, so be it; however it can't be because all elaboration is made positive by it's utility

Don't forget Chopera.

Spotify podcast: | Looking like ;industrial mic-ambience in parallel with /manray & /hvtv

the jar is never empty. a vacuum can’t exist.

2024-06-22 01:46:08 To add interference we initiate the option _to and then immediate the _follow requirement. This is made a requirement to postpone any retrace back to the the initial option :_to. #reference 

2024-06-21 13:07:15 #REFERENCE Video nasty - Wikipedia (

2024-06-09 08:01:10 #REFERENCE The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace [67'00] Composer: Jenkins, Karl

2024-06-21 10:22:20 Created an ( for us.

And then