glossary, index of terms:

jaaam : a catch-all for pointless processes.

The index is a general guide and can be used as a sitemap for navigation. 

Whether a log, a or social status? These are updated independently and in unity. For additional memorandum and notes, see: /notes for reference, or the static_blog to track updates, visit the.doc file for other info. and /info for additional information; we keep a helpful /links page - additionally we provide this working glossary for further clarification. Don't forget to add to the Board!(it's a spreadsheet;)

Sunday: leg day

Installations are anything that aren't music, but then a lot of them are.

Video content when text would do: Contemporary-internet.

"Nothing, no-one, nowhere." This phrase, repeated by the source, encapsulates the "maxman-x" philosophy. The source describes these words as coming from "the maxman-x" and characterizes them as "words."

How does the "Frequency Validator" work?

The "Frequency Validator" is a tool used within "The Realityspectrum" to guide individuals through its programs. By interacting with the touch-interface, users obtain their "freq-valid" value, a ratio of frequency and time. This value suggests the most suitable path within the "Medi-Medium Programs," helping users achieve balance and achieve desired outcomes.