manray with the support of maxman-x provide this guide to 

the realityspectrum, human radio & hvtv. 

If we are looking for MAN.RAY.TODAY we visit :this link:

The Realityspectrum encompasses work from the Medi-Medium Program; including the Spectre Analysis, Stationary and Speech Modules, plus supplimentary soundtracks and walk-throughs. We cover multiple dimensions in an inclusive variety of resolutions. 

To begin, whether this is the first time or for every time we enter The Realityspectrum, we use the Frequency Validator_. 

Human Radio exists to subvert the standard of broadcast radio* - of want for a more human experience, not merely a portrayal of 'the human experience'. 

*radio being a catch-all for any broadcast audio, but specifically commercial.

HVTV, a now defunkt but soon refunkt video project (originally with, like video-radio?